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In addition to weight loss support, the following services are available in our clinic:

  • Body Composition Analysis – Learn how much of your weight is lean mass, how much is fat mass and how hydrated you are in one simple, state-of-the-art test. This is much better than a Body Mass Index (BMI) which is based on height and weight alone and does not show the whole picture of your body’s weight status.
  • Weight Maintenance Coaching and Support – Maintaining a healthy weight can often be more difficult than losing weight. Let us help you keep your healthy weight using the first evidence-based weight maintenance method in the world. We can help you enjoy all your favorite foods while living a healthy lifestyle.

"Go on my page Rodney K Rhodes on Facebook and see pics and hear about my over 200 lb weight loss since Mid October with Ideal Body Weight Loss. It is possible! It is not hopeless! NOW IS THE TIME TO START!!! Thank you Diane and the gang at Ideal Body Weight Loss!!! You have become family! God Bless!"

Rodney R


"Great service and coaching here. I feel better within a few weeks of this program, which is based on a ketogenic way of eating. I've tried eating "keto" before but failed because of my addition to sugar. ( I'm still trying to find healthy recipes that I can eat on this plan that include a boat load of mashed potatoes )... This program works for me because I don't have to think too much about what I put in my gullet - it's planned out and easy to follow."

Vijay-Kumar S


"Simply life changing. Lots of yummy options!😋"

Cody C